Unify – OpenScape Business X3

Openscape Business offers an All-in-One Communication for small and medium-sized enterprises in one box.
The OpenScape Business architecture allows use independently of the existing telephony infrastructure sizes (X3 ? X5 ? X8 ? S) and offers:
Integrated voice services, presence management (presence state), Drag&Drop conference, visual voicemail (voiceboxes), AutoAttendant, Multimedia Contact Centre, IM (Instant Messaging), mobility, directory access with database connection, fax, integration in business processes and much more
UC clients individually matched to the work station and work processes
Interface integration of OpenScape Web Collaboration
Solutions for customers with one site or network-wide solutions with multiple sites
Flexible and scalable IP system
Supports all necessary digital and analogue interfaces
Ideal for 5 to 40 users utilizing either analogue or ISDN2 lines
X3 supports any combination of IP, analogue, and digital telephones, as well as PC clients and cordless phones